Children Operation Mission 16-19.February 2019 in Pailin

ChinChinBay are offical supporter for the big Operation Mission on 16 - 19.Feb 2019 in Pailin. Nearly 50 poor children get a operation which changed there life to a better way for free.

Next Water Construction in Kandal Province

Next stop on 1 .November was on a other poor family where we finished a water construction - now they dont need go to the Mekong River. They have clean water in her house to cook and wash.

1.November 2018 Kandal Province School

1.November 2018 We wad visit the kandal province to pay for a 15yrs old girl school for 1 year and bring her a bike to can be visit next year the school which is far away.

18.October - Food for old People in Tamao

On 18.October 2018 the chinchinbay team was go to a national road near tamao mountains where every day many old people wait to get small donation or money.

17.Octorber 2018 Food for old and poor people

Tomorrow we start to our next small mission and visit the province to bring some food bags to 25 old people.

ChinChinbay meets Gecko Kinderhilfe and Next Step

16.October 2018

Yesterday we joined a meeting in the National Peadiatric Hospital in Phnom Penh to bring some medical to the clinic.

2.October 2018 50 USD Floodhelp

Today we say thankyou to បេធីណា ហ្គេបហាត for the 50 usd donation for the family in the kandal province which get any problems with flood last days.

Floading for Poor Family 1.October 2018

1.October 2018 We are so sad. Our water construction ib the province kandal is ready. But what we need to see. Water everywhere. Too much rain was flood the area of the poor familys.

Help for poor people in Phnom Penh

When you go out - take small bag for poor people which you see and make the day of poor people better.

Donationproject Kandalprovince 9.September 2018


On 7.September we was visiting the province kandal again - to bring more then 100kg rice and many kind of food like rice, fish, milk to few poor people. For old and young people.

Thankyou to MMMGLOBAL for Support

We wanna say thankyou to MMMGLOBAL for support our next mission with 50 USD ($) . We wanna use this for food like rice and fish for the poor people in the province.

Cambodian German Friendship

I wanna say thankyou for the support to Maj Vann Rith (Chief of Immigration office of Siem Reap Province) and to Major Han Phearun - Deputy Chief office in Siem Reap.

Donation Project Kandal Province August 2018

On 17.August 2018 we was visit the Province Kandal. We was visit a family with 7 children (one of the children is 3 years old and cant walk). This family is really poor but have a big heart.

Support for get German Visa

We are really happy to can say: our help for a cambodian girl - to get a German visa - was successful .

10.May 2018 Toilet Showerproject Kampong Cham

We are really happy - after some days of rain in the province our support project for build a toilet in the province kampong Cham go in her last step.

30.April 2018 Toilet Shower Project Kampong Cham

The toilet building grow step by step. In some days the construction will be finished and the family can use a own toilet in the province kampong cham.

29.April 2018 Toilet Shower Project Kampong Cham

29.april 2018 The toilet building in the Province Kampong Cham now under construction and grow step by step in best cambodian quality :) . We hope in some days can say: ITS DONE :).

26.April 2018 Toilet Showerproject Kampong Cham

Wow it is so hard work but the people in the province working very well. In some daya the toilet will be ready. The preparing was hard work for them to take a big hole.


Donation from Gecko Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.

Today on 20.April 2018 we was sign up a contract about the 400,00 $ Donation from the GECKO Kinderhilfe e.V.

Remove House for new Shower and Toilet

Good morning to our team. In this Moment this old house will be removed and latest tomorrow we begin with first steps of the toilet building whos a big donation from some people.

Water Construction Donationproject Kampong Cham

On 17. April 2018 we was in the Province kampong cham to prepare the toilet building. Tomorrow they remove the old house and begin with toilet building.

Toilet Shower Donationproject Kampong Cham

On tuesday the 17.April me , my wife and my team visit the province kampong cham to preare the land for build a toilet with a washing system.

Donationproject Kampong Cham

On 5.April we was visit the Province Kampong cham - The small village Andong Ta Ong. We was bring some donations like rice, food , fan , school utylities here.

ChinChinBay 2.0 Coming soon

The new chinchinbay 2.0 will coming soon, we are now live under construction and working fast with our development for you, that you can sell and buy soon  your products.